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Numbnut Motorcycles

Numbnut Motorcycles


Numbnut Motorcycles are at the heart of the cool custom motorcycle revolution. Handmade in Amsterdam, the Dutch builders keep it real with original style and bold design. Every bike is built to ride, built to cut loose and be free. The renegade riders are the perfect collaborators for the unique Son of Time project, bringing their freewheeling style to the mix with TW Steel’s attitude. Joined together, the inspired design clash ensures the good times really are rolling.

Son of Time

Having spent 6 months locked in his Amsterdam workshop stripping a Yamaha XV950 back to the bones, Roderick Seibert worked closely with TW Steel to create the unique, one-off machine.

“When I first spoke with TW Steel about this project I got really excited,” said Roderick Seibert. “We focus on making motorcycles by hand, paying tribute to icons and vintage styles of the past, but with a modern twist. TW Steel is definitely a watch brand with a modern twist and a fearless attitude so I think we have really sparked off each other as we built and made something really cool…we’re going to let the good times roll Dutch style!”

Maverick Collection

The collaboration between TW Steel Chief Designer Ton Cobelens and Amsterdam based custom motorcycle builder Roderick Seibert exploded with creativity and delivered the ground-breaking The Son of Time. Inspired by this masterpiece, TW Steel launched the Maverick Collection to deliver a totally fresh take on time.

Choose the statement you want to make with either a vintage style leather strap or super clean Milanese steel bracelet. Be bold and let the good times roll, be a Maverick.

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