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FIA World Rally Championship

FIA World Rally Championship


Rallying is the toughest motorsport in the world. And WRC, the FIA World Rally Championship, is at its pinnacle. The ingredients are mouthwatering: the most challenging terrain around the world, heavily modified production-based cars and extreme rates of speed. WRC is an epic battle of man and machine against the clock. A perfect world for our bold timepieces.

Time Always Wins

TW Steel is no stranger to speed, adrenaline and brutal terrain. From our Dakar adventures to the performances of our legendary ambassador Petter Solberg, the world of rallying always gets our heart pumping. The combination of pure, bold racing with the importance of timing makes WRC the perfect partner. Buckle up for some fearless action and bold watches.

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Tough, bold and hungry for action, the WRC watches are built to make every second count. With Swiss Made movements and high-end specs, these timepieces embrace the strength and precision needed to succeed.

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