Veloce makes waves in disruptive areas of the sports and entertainment industries: esports and sustainable, EV motorsport. Veloce Esports is an established professional gaming organisation, while Veloce Racing participates in the progressive Extreme E championship. This innovative new motorsport series sees electric SUVs going head-to-head in areas of the world that have been damaged by environmental issues, in order to raise awareness of the need to urgently combat climate change. Disruption, innovation and ambition – the perfect ingredients for a future-thinking collaboration!



Motorsport has been in our blood since the day we teamed up with A1GP. After fully embracing our adventures in MotoGP, F1 and Dakar, we always look ahead to explore new ways to enjoy speed and adrenaline. How about the innovative Extreme E series and exciting Esports? Yes, that’s exactly what we thought! Get ready for some next-level action and matching timepieces! Welcome to the Fast Lane.

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